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January 2021
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Righteous Stunt Clutch - Product Review
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The Righteous Stunt Clutch is an easy pull style clutch assembly that is milled completely out of billet aluminum. The RSC is designed very similar to the other easy pull style clutches on the market, but with a few changes that make the Righteous Stunt Clutch virtually bulletproof.

The three cable positions usually found on an easy pull style lever are eliminated, leaving only the one “easiest” pull setting. The swivel adjuster on the perch has also been eliminated, leaving you with a unit that is made out of MUCH stronger material with a much more straight forward design. We have eliminated ALL of the weak points of the competing easy pull assemblies, and have also closed up many of the SLOPPY tolerances found in them.

The perch has been designed with a rear mounting cap, which is also a much stronger design than the competition. The perch cap is also designed to be mounted flush on top, eliminating the unsightly “gap” found in most rear mounting assemblies. The ENTIRE unit is actually thicker and beefier than the competing easy pull units, while still keeping in mind the tight tolerance we encounter around our handbrakes as stunters.

The basic Righteous Stunt Clutch comes with a delrin bushing pressed into the lever. Delrin is an excellent material used in many bushing applications. Delrin also has a “self lubricating” quality to it, similar to Teflon. We use a bushing in the base model RSC to keep costs down while still providing silky smooth, buttery operation. An extra bushing is included with your order. We WILL be offering the bearing as an option, however, in the RSC Ultimate lever very soon. This assembly does have a lever distance adjustment set-screw to personalize your setup. All RSCs are assembled with stainless steel hardware.

The first run of Righteous Stunt Clutches are ONLY available in the “shorty” lever option, with the delrin bushing. Full length levers and bearing options will be available soon, as well as anodizing.

All orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail w/ delivery confirmation.

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