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July 2010
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Tech N9ne Collabos - KC Tea “Official” Music Video
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“KC Tea” is Tech N9ne’s second video off of his new Collabos album, “The Gates Mixed Plate”, set to release on July 27, 2010. Presale available now at Executive Producer: Travis O’Guin, Director: Dan Gedman/Liquid9

Video features model / actress - Chanel Jones

Shoei RF-1100-Hadron-TC-6
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Shoei just sent me a new RF-1100 just in time for the X-Games Demo.  This new helmet is so light & comfortable!  I cant wait to put on the new lid and hit up the spot today!  The RF-1100 new design features 3 intake vents and 6 exhaust vents for better ventilation.  The new aerodynamic design and vent system will make my practice sessions way more comfortable in this brutal heat!  I cant wait to Grip N Rip with this new RF-1100!  Check out the new RF-1100 at 

Shoei RF-1100    

Building on the strongest pedigree in the motorcycle helmet business, SHOEI is proud to introduce the all-new RF-1100. Since its 2003 inception, the RF-1000 has enjoyed great success, but that didn’t stop SHOEI’s world-class development team from throwing out the molds to build a brand-new helmet from scratch. Combining customer and dealer requests with advanced technology, modern testing practices, and 50 years of helmet-building experience, SHOEI is pleased to deliver the finest sport-touring helmet that money can buy. The all-new, groundbreaking RF-1100–where aggressive styling meets SHOEI’s unrivaled attention to detail, and the evolution of perfection is once again met.

Variable Ventilation System

The RF-1100’s new shell features three (3) intake and six (6) exhaust vents in total. Wind tunnel testing revealed that the optimal location for exhaust vents is actually much higher on the rear portion of the helmet’s shell than originally thought. Better ventilation and aerodynamic performance is achieved by separating the spoiler and exhaust vents. The exhaust vent holes have been relocated to take better advantage of negative pressure suction, dramatically improving exhaust ventilation. SHOEI’s variable ventilation system allows riders to select the perfect balance between airflow and silence.

Q.R.S.A. (Quick Release Self-Adjusting) Base Plate System

  • CW-1 Shield
  • AIM+ Shell Construction (Snell M2010-Approved)
  • 5 Shell Sizes
  • Shell-Integrated Spoiler
  • Variable Ventilation System
  • Dual-Layer EPS Liner
  • Interior System
  • Chin Curtain
  • Breath Guard
  • 5-Year Warranty