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July 2010
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Stuntride Magazine - Subscribe Now HERE!!!
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Stuntride Magazine is the ultimate motorcycle stuntriding lifestyle based publication! We cover the Streets as well as the Competitions! The professional riders as well as the amatuers! Events, Pro stuntbike builds, Parts, apparel and dvd reviews and anything else you can talk us into! Stuntride Magazine is currently published 4-6 issues per year.

The Stuntride Brand is your ticket to the world’s fastest growing action sport. Motorcycle Stuntriding aka Sportbike Freestyle. The stuntriding scene has evolved from street riding hooliganism into a full blown sport with competitions held around the world. At the forefront of these competitions is the XDL Sportbike Freestyle Championships. Staying true to this lifestyle that we love, has many outlets for you to explore, we hope that you enjoy your stay here.

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Speed Channel - Stealth Rider - Wednesday 8pm ET
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Stealth Rider

  • Hollywood stunt rider and SuperBikes! host Jason Britton returns to SPEED with a new prime time series entitled Stealth Rider, scheduled to premiere on July 21, 2010 at 8pm ET/PT.

  • Jason Britton is igniting his insatiable passion for riding by returning to his roots and shooting the ultimate stunt film. Jason and his team jump in the bus and tour the country to “steal” shots in front of the most iconic backdrops they can manage. Planned like a robbery but carried out safely and professionally, Jason and his team get stunt riding shots in unimaginable locations like the art museum steps of Philadelphia; the Las Vegas Strip; the Golden Gate Bridge; the US Capitol Building; Hollywood Blvd and the French Quarter of New Orleans, to name a few.  Each episode culminates with a mini-movie comprised of the stunt footage captured at that week’s location.

    Tech N9ne Collabos - KC Tea “Official” Music Video
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    “KC Tea” is Tech N9ne’s second video off of his new Collabos album, “The Gates Mixed Plate”, set to release on July 27, 2010. Presale available now at Executive Producer: Travis O’Guin, Director: Dan Gedman/Liquid9

    Video features model / actress - Chanel Jones

    Shoei RF-1100-Hadron-TC-6
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    Shoei just sent me a new RF-1100 just in time for the X-Games Demo.  This new helmet is so light & comfortable!  I cant wait to put on the new lid and hit up the spot today!  The RF-1100 new design features 3 intake vents and 6 exhaust vents for better ventilation.  The new aerodynamic design and vent system will make my practice sessions way more comfortable in this brutal heat!  I cant wait to Grip N Rip with this new RF-1100!  Check out the new RF-1100 at 

    Shoei RF-1100    

    Building on the strongest pedigree in the motorcycle helmet business, SHOEI is proud to introduce the all-new RF-1100. Since its 2003 inception, the RF-1000 has enjoyed great success, but that didn’t stop SHOEI’s world-class development team from throwing out the molds to build a brand-new helmet from scratch. Combining customer and dealer requests with advanced technology, modern testing practices, and 50 years of helmet-building experience, SHOEI is pleased to deliver the finest sport-touring helmet that money can buy. The all-new, groundbreaking RF-1100–where aggressive styling meets SHOEI’s unrivaled attention to detail, and the evolution of perfection is once again met.

    Variable Ventilation System

    The RF-1100’s new shell features three (3) intake and six (6) exhaust vents in total. Wind tunnel testing revealed that the optimal location for exhaust vents is actually much higher on the rear portion of the helmet’s shell than originally thought. Better ventilation and aerodynamic performance is achieved by separating the spoiler and exhaust vents. The exhaust vent holes have been relocated to take better advantage of negative pressure suction, dramatically improving exhaust ventilation. SHOEI’s variable ventilation system allows riders to select the perfect balance between airflow and silence.

    Q.R.S.A. (Quick Release Self-Adjusting) Base Plate System

  • CW-1 Shield
  • AIM+ Shell Construction (Snell M2010-Approved)
  • 5 Shell Sizes
  • Shell-Integrated Spoiler
  • Variable Ventilation System
  • Dual-Layer EPS Liner
  • Interior System
  • Chin Curtain
  • Breath Guard
  • 5-Year Warranty



    official X Games 16 press release
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    XDL Championship Series To Perform Demonstration at ESPN’s X Games 16

    Los Angeles, CA (July 19, 2010) — After almost two years of preparation, the XDL Championship Series will be performing its first-ever demonstration at the LA Memorial Coliseum on Thursday, 7/29 as part of X Games 16. The XDL program will run from noon to 3:30pm and take place in Lot 4 on the South side of the stadium, which is part of the exhibitor and pit area open to the public. Gates open at noon and access to the XDL area is FREE. The demonstration will feature an All Star cast of athletes and include:

    1. FMF Cup
    2. Speed & Strength Sickest Trick
    3. K&N Circle Challenge
    4. Aprilia All Star Challenge
    5. Sartso Women’s Cup
    6. Freestyle Burnout
    7. Battle of the Brands

    While still just a demonstration and not a full competition, inclusion on this level is a first for the sportbike freestyle culture. Stated XDL Director of Competition Thomas Evans: “Explaining the feeling of building a sport from nothing and bringing it to the masses is impossible, so I will try to keep it simple. Being a welcome part of X Games in any capacity is the culmination of a dozen years of blood, sweat and tears. I am very pleased to see that our hard work has gotten us here, I am more excited now for our future than ever.” Added XDL Founder Randy Grube: “It is great to see the progress we have made and I’m excited to let the athletes show off their skills for the X Games crowd. Should be a great time.”

    For more information on the X Games please visit
    For X Games tickets please visit

    Further event information follows:

    Coliseum driving directions: There are various freeways and exits to get to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Please see for detailed driving directions to the arena. Information on public transportation is also available at

    Parking at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum: It is anticipated that the parking lots at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum will become full during the events on Thursday and Saturday. Please plan to arrive at least 90 minutes prior to the start of the competition. Parking is available in all surrounding lots outside the Coliseum as well as at the USC Campus. To reference parking locations please visit: Please visit for X Games specific parking information.

    ADA parking: ADA Parking will be available in all event parking lots.

    Transportation: There will be complimentary shuttle service between L.A. Live and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Thursday and Saturday from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. The shuttle stop for L.A. LIVE is located at the corner of Figueroa and 12th street at the Gilbert Lindsay Plaza. This is outside the X Games venue just in front of the LA Convention Center. The shuttle stop at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is at 39th and Grand under the 110 freeway.

    Public transportation: There are several available options when taking public transportation to Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Please visit to find available bus routes and rail lines.

    Drop off/pick up location: Guests may be dropped off and picked up at 39th and Grand underneath the 110 freeway. Taxis may be picked up at Figueroa and Exposition Blvd near the Chevron gas station.

    Los Angeles metro: Metro rail and bus services are provided by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority. If you have questions about available services, please visit or call 1-800-COMMUTE (1–800–266–6883).

    For additional info please visit the following web sites:

    For more info on XDL visit
    For XDL merchandise visit:

    XDL is the only championship of its kind and is the leader in reaching the core 20-year old sportbike demographic. Each XDL event features the world’s most skilled sportbike riders squaring off in seven unique competitions for over $10,000 in prize money. Since its inception in 2006 the series has built a global following in places as far off as Japan, Australia, France, Thailand and Eastern Europe, and in the process emerged as the fastest growing action sport in America. The stateside event series schedule includes Daytona Beach, Lake Havasu City, Nashville, Los Angeles and Indianapolis. New for 2010, XDL Magazine was launched in time for the season opener and provides a comprehensive overview of the series and its athletes. The new line of XDL apparel is available at And on October 12th, Inside XDL, a documentary drama on the series and its athletes will premier on Versus Network.

    2 Magazine Covers in 1 Month - Throttle Nation Magazine in Stores Now!
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    Bring on the press!!!  Yeah that’s right!!!  2 Magazine Covers in 1 Month.  Previously I sent out an email earlier this month announcing that I was on the cover of Stuntride Magazine.  Now I’m proud to announce that I’m on the cover of another major publication magazine - Throttle Nation.  Inside this magazine I’m featured in a 6 page spread titled “Top Dawg” - Crazy Dan Jackson.  Ive attached the PDF.  Throttle Nation Magazine is available now on news stands and can be found in Barnes & Noble, Borders, Hastings, Copper fields, Joseph Beth, Ingram Bookstores, Books a Million, Suburban News, 7-11 stores, and US Military Bases.  For subscriptions please visit on line

    My blog:

    TeamXMX News:

    Thanks for all your support!


    XDL Championship Series To Perform Sportbike Freestyle Demonstration at X Games 16
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    XDL Championship Series To Perform Demonstration at X Games 16

    The XDL stunt riding demo will be at the LA Coliseum on Thursday, July 29th, as an official part of X Games 16. The XDL program will begin at noon and be in Lot 4. This lot is beside the swimming stadium off of MLK blvd at Hoover St. We will go get some pics this afternoon.

    According to our sources at X games this area is an exhibitor based area and should be packed. It opens at noon and admission to this area and XDL is free!!

    We havent gotten any info on parking yet. So assume you have to pay!

    According to rumors about XDL we know that its just a demo but we think that they are going to run an amended version of their full events competitions. These are normally..

    1. FMF Cup
    2. Speed & Strength Sickest Trick
    3. K&N Circle Challenge
    4. Aprilia All Star Challenge
    5. Sartso Womens Cup
    6. Freestyle Burnout
    7. Battle of the Brands

    One last thing. We saw a printed email from XDL Host and competition director Thomas Evans to XDL Founder Randy Grube. While we cannot confirm what the email was about, we did notice a list of names that included some of the sports top stars such as:

    Bill Dixon
    Teach McNeil
    Ernie Vigil
    Dan Jackson
    Joe Dryden
    Aaron Colton
    Luke Emmons
    Nick Apex
    Darius Khashabi
    Alex Flores
    Tony Carbajal
    Lin Savage
    Rick Hart
    Kyle Rapport


    Strange Music Swag
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    I stopped by the Strange Music headquarters and they hooked me up with all sorts of SWAG for my cali trip next week!  The RV is stacked with promo items for the new Tech N9ne “Mixed Plate” CD that will be released July 27th, 2010.  Merch, CD’s, Stickers, Flyers, I have it all!  Check out the new Strange Music hat!  Im rockin it after a brutal practice session in the heat!  95 DEGREES & HUMID!!!!!!!!!!  Gotta love the midwest!!!

    To see all Strange Musics merch, visit their online store at

    Tech N9ne Collabos - “The Mixed Plate” in stores July 27th
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    Tech N9ne Collabos - “The Mixed Plate” in stores July 27th

    Check out the OG music video on youtube!  “O.G.” is Tech N9ne’s first video off of his new Collabos album, “The Gates Mixed Plate”, set to release on July 27, 2010. Presale available now at Executive Producer: Travis O’Guin, Director: Dan Gedman/Liquid9 

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    News 7.12.10


    Check out this months Stuntride Magazine featuring yours truly!  5,000 copies will be handed out during this years 2010 X-Games Demo!  I will be in the Stuntride Magazine booth signing autographs all weekend long.  If your attending please stop by and say hi!




    Leo Vince Exhaust = #1
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    About LeoVince USA

    LeoVince USA is a division of Sito Gruppo Industriale based in Monticello d’Alba, Italy. Sito is the largest Powersports exhaust manufacturer, distributed globally, and combines 55 years of passion, experience, and craftsmanship, to produce the finest exhausts systems available.

    LeoVince USA is a dedicated expansion of our global operation that supports all of North and South America and all of the U.S. territories. Our American distributed brands include SBK for sport bikes, Silvertail for cruisers, Scoot for scooters, X3 for off-road motorcycles and ATVs, Sito for Vintage and OEM replacement and FAST products for ignition and fuel injection control.

    Pietro Mollo founded Sito Gruppo, the parent company of LeoVince USA, in 1954 when he set up a workshop in nearby Turin to manufacture his first exhaust. In 1961, Pietro moved Sito to its current location in Monticello d’Alba. Globally Sito production, R&D facilities and warehouses occupy over 800,000 Sq. Feet and employ over 350 skilled technicians and support staff. Since our humble beginnings in 1954, Sito has expanded sales and distribution around the world under the guidance of Gianni Mollo, Pietro’s son, to our current business model.

    Today Sito and the LeoVince brand utilize the most modern technologies and manufacturing processes, but all products still possess the unique hands-on craftsmanship that LeoVince is famous for. There is no compromise on material or quality of build. Our materials and techniques are derived from the 55 years our R&D department has spent with the highest level racing teams competing in MotoGP, World Superbike, World Championship MX1 and MX2 and more. Commitment to racing in the U.S. includes multiple teams in AMA Superbike, Supercross, Outdoor MX, Supermoto and Grand National Flat Track. As our founder proudly states; “we only build one kind of exhaust, the best one we can”.

    From all of us here at LeoVince USA, thank you for considering our brand and joining the throngs of passionate LeoVince riders worldwide.

    LeoVince USA
    1445B South 50th Street
    Richmond, CA 94804
    (510) 232-4040

    Project Race Bike Concept Pic - 2009 Kawasaki ZX6R
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    The 2009 Kawasaki ZX6R race bike is almost built.  Its in the final stages and almost ready for Paint!  This is a concept picture of what Im thinking the end result will look like!  Kawasaki Green & Black!!!   


    Have you heard of Chunky Norris?
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    Chunky Norris is literally 10x what Chuck Norris is.  He’s currently taking over the world with his appetite of destruction!  Check him out at

    Become a fan on facebook:

    Strange Music Independents Days Sale - 50% Off Sale
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    Sale runs from 9:00AM CST Friday, July 2nd thru 9:00PM CST Tuesday, July 6th – quantities on all items are limited – “Tech N9ne Collabos: The Gates Mixed Plate” is excluded from the sale entirely.
    Click here to start shopping: